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Known as a fervent apostolic and prophetic voice to the nations and the marketplace, Michelle's mission is to inspire, ignite and impact the world for the glory of God. Michelle is an authentic and unique Kingdom Ambassador who has spoken regarding ministry, law and international human rights in various places throughout the United States and around the World, including South Africa, Dubai and Singapore. Michelle is an advocate and she moves with the Compassion of Christ and demonstrates the love of God. She is a connector and she loves learning about new cultures and countries. Michelle has a heart for the nations; it is part of her “Spiritual DNA (Destiny - Nexus - Apostolic call)”.


Michelle has an anointing to set the captives free. Her fervent prayers, prophetic decrees and teaching break chains of false teaching and false prophecy off of the lives of God's people. Michelle's passion is to release revelatory biblical truth about the present Kingdom of God, inspire generations to have a global vision, equip people to fulfill their prophetic destiny, and help people excel in life.


God is Michelle's CEO and she has been given the grace to be an apostolic lawyer representing King Jesus from the hood to high places in society. Michelle has over 15 years of legal experience primarily focused on advising business leaders and acting as primary counsel for over 25 U.S. jurisdictions, while also being identified as a subject matter expert in several key business areas that positioned her to provide business strategies and legal advice to influencers. In addition to her Juris Doctor, Michelle holds an advanced law degree in International Business and Trade Law.


Michelle has years of ministry experience and years of experience as a corporate professional in the marketplace. Michelle is a global visionary and has a special assignment to minister to Kingdom VIPs. In other words, Michelle has a special grace to identify, equip and launch Kingdom:


 V - Visionaries/Apostolic Ministers

  I - Intercessors

  P - Prophets/Prophetic Ministers


Michelle has a grace to push people pass their comfort zones and to empower them to overcome obstacles in life. Michelle is an earth shaking “Kingdom Catalyst”; she enjoys encouraging people to take bold steps of faith to realize their fullest potential. Michelle's call, like all Saints, is to lift up the name of Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God from the marketplace to the masses. You now have an opportunity to “Excel with Michelle” by signing up for her new marketplace ministry mentorship program and school.


Michelle has served in apostolic and prophetic ministry for years under the leadership of her spiritual father, Apostle John Eckhardt, across the USA and around the world. She is also a member of Crusaders Church in Chicago, Illinois and she is member of the International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together Network (IMPACT Network), founded by Apostle John Eckhardt.

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