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"When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers." 
- Proverbs 21:15

Who We Are

This apostolic-prophetic hub is a community where legal professionals our poured into instead of constantly being drained by the legal profession. This hub is not limited to attorneys. This an emerging global hub for attorneys, lawyers, law students, paralegals, legal secretaries, political leaders, and intercessors who want to support one another in prayer and fellowship while representing Jesus Christ in every area of life. We are called to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ and advocates for the justice of God in every legal area of the legal industry.

Our Founder's journey into the legal profession began Michelle’s powerful journey in ministry. I.C.A.N is an apostolic-prophetic network of legal professionals who love Jesus Christ. Our mission is to create a network of encouragement and prayer for people in the legal profession.

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